Books have been a constant pleasure my entire life. Another world of creativity opened up for me with my involvement in the making of them as author, illustrator, designer, and publisher. As examples, I’ve included three of the books that were largely illustrated with my photographs.

Dovetailed Corners

Dovetailed Corners grew out of a collaboration with poet Jim Johnson after we had been having exhibitions and programs based on stories of Finnish immigration experiences. The book was published by Holy Cow! Press in 1996. Exhibits based on the book have shown in a number of places since then including at the Nelimarkka Museum in Alajärvi, Finland, in 1996. Some of the photographs were drawn from my earlier documentary series on immigrant architecture.

The Co-op Label

The Co-op Label was a continuation of the collaboration with poet Jim Johnson and presented another facet of the Finnish immigrant story – that of the co-operative movement. The book was published by Dovetailed Press in 2005.

Scott House

Scott House is a historic stage stop and event center in rural Carlton County, Minnesota. The owner and proprietor, James Sheetz, and I began a project to document the collections and history of Scott House that resulted in the publication of Scott House Souvenirs by Dovetailed Press in 2007. This was the first series I did solely with digital images. I worked in both color and black and white, although the book was published in black and white.